ELLAWEI DICTUM: What is the new concept B2B Plus or Business to Business Plus. Get to know Ellawei Dictum, the first B2B Plus.

OUR DIFFERENTIAL: Ellawei Dictum is born to add values and replace the already outdated model of traditional B2B. It is the evolution of traditional B2B bringing full integration between companies and their customers. Register your company, just access the "Form" it's free.

INTERACTIVITY : The platform generates interactivity between the company and its target audience creating empathy with the brand and its products and a loyal public to the brand by knowing the concept behind the logo.

THE OLD MODEL: B2B no longer meets the needs of the market that is more competitive and with more demanding customers.

THE LIMIT: B2B has long had its business model based on certain marketing concepts that are no longer efficient. In the B2B model companies negotiate their products with other companies in the business-enterprise model. This concept still used by giants of e-commerce generates wealth, but only between them and do not incorporate the new concepts of entrepreneurship and digital marketing. With the emergence of new technologies, gadgets, applications and new concepts of entrepreneurship aimed at generating values, income distribution, environmentally correct products, the B2B model was outdated and evoked a B2B business restructuring.

CREATE VALUE: Register your company in the new B2B Plus Dictum model by accessing the "Form", it's free.

THE BEGINNING OF EVOLUTION: Crisis or business opportunity, it all depends on the entrepreneur's point of view.

A QUANTUM JUMP: It was in the year 2010 that Don Wood CEO of Ellawei.com understanding that the B2B model no longer met the needs of its company and began to look for solutions that could connect products and customers in a more humane way, meeting the needs and creating an identification with its public. So the company started to create a new model where the consumer has relevant information of the product and a direct link with the manufacturer, understanding the whole manufacturing process of the product until it reaches their hands.

BUSINESS VIEW: In the opinion of Ellawei's CEO if you cannot recycle your business model, someone else will do it and in this case who needs recycling is you.

THE ARRIVAL OF B2B PLUS: An evolution that is necessary in the Business to Business model.

A NEW CONCEPT: The B2B Plus concept comes to make the necessary reforms in the B2B that are deteriorating. The new model unites business and consumer, as well as adding value to the brand and distributing income through the affiliate program. A model that gives training to consultant and yours members companies, creating empathy between product and consumer, generating income distribution and better use of company resources.

HOW TO REGISTER: For companies and professionals registration is free. To register your Company, access the Form for Companies. If you are looking for a business or work opportunity, take the Dictum Consultant Course, to know more access the form Information for Consultor Dictum.

WHAT'S THE GAIN WITH B2B PLUS DICTUM: B2B Plus generates benefits for business, the economy and society.

THE HEATING UP OF THE ECONOMY: With the new concept B2B Plus ensures the survival of companies in difficult times with specialized training and generating a correct ecological awareness. With the affiliate program the economy is heated generating a greater income distribution and for all this creating a society more just and not less consumerist. You can also subscribe to a plan and get more benefits, learn more about our "Plan" and discover all the advantages.

ELLAWEI DICTUM: Better use of corporate resources, greater income distribution and a more just and conscientious society.

WHY ELLAWEI DICTUM: A differential for your company. Get closer to your audience, showcase the value of your brand and how it produces the product your customers love.

OPEN THE DOORS OF YOUR COMPANY : With the globalization and emergence of new technologies like the internet the way to choose the products we use in the day to day has changed. In the beginnings of the internet it was sold of everything and today with the competitiveness in high the search for customers is not so simple. The platform generates interactivity between the company and its target audience, creating empathy with its products and services. Register your company, it's free. You can get a plan and more advantages. Get to know our "Plans".

EMPATHY AND AUTHORITY: Show your target audience that your company is a market authority, generating empathy with your product and your potential customers.

WHAT DOES YOUR COMPANY GAIN? See everything your company wins by registering on the Ellawei Dictum Platform. It is free.

A SALES TEAM: Independent consultants specializing in social networks, trained in digital marketing they play the task on the battlefield to your company, showing the values of your brand and your products. They generate empathy and loyal customers to your brand.

TRAINED CONSULTANTS: IT professionals, sales professionals, professionals in the Logistics area, among others. Professionals for your companies perform more and more in the global market.

SUPPORT FOR MEMBER COMPANIES: This is just one of the strong points of the platform. All registered members have access to training. To have full access to all training You must sign a "Plan". The platform tracks your production process improving your performance.

ADVISORY AND TRAINING IN THE PRODUCTION PROCESS: Members with "Plans" have on exclusive training and advice on the entire production process that is monitored with monthly reports. They include the choice of the raw material, working environment and didactic material for specific training for each company.

POTENTIAL CUSTOMERS ARE NOT CUSTOMERS: Show that your company cares about every detail of the production process to offer the best and make your brand a benchmark in the market.

MARKETING TRAINING: It is certain that Marketing has changed a lot in recent years and without adequate training your Company will disappear in the ocean of information available in Social Media.

WHO IS YOUR IDEAL CUSTOMER? The sales process starts with offering to the ideal public. Without knowing your ideal client, empathy and brand loyalty is difficult and time consuming work. The platform helps your company find your customer quickly. Sign up for a "Plan" and get more benefits.

DISCOVER WHO IS YOUR IDEAL CUSTOMER: To find out your ideal client or target audience you can access the training area.

MORE VISIBILITY FOR YOUR COMPANY: Subscribe for a "Plan" and get access to trade fairs and events. Show your product or service to other Companies and other Markets.

ACCESS TO FAIRS AND EVENTS: Access to international fairs and events that have strong links with local Chambers of Commerce facilitating yours business. The platform makes it available to members with a "Plan"Access to the calendar of international fairs so that your company can participate and direct access to the Chamber of Commerce of other countries. A channel of support and expansion for your business.

THE VITRINE: Access a Market of more than 1 Billion consumers eager to purchase products and services through our platform. A unique opportunity for import companies and export companies.

ASSISTANCE AND OPPORTUNITY: Complete assistance on the platform for members with "Plans" and a great business opportunity for you or your company.

MANY NEW INFORMATION: Our experts help you in choosing the best "Plan" to your company by better managing your resources. You have a professional dedicated to your company for take all your doubts. In addition to the dedicated professional, your Company has a support team and a communication channel open all the time to help you and your Company.